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Nedap for Dairy Farming

Scale increase and the necessity for enhanced efficiency in operational management are the general trends in dairy farming. This leads to the challenge to keep track of the individual animals, to provide them with the right care and monitor them at an individual level. Nedap offers technology for the dairy farming sector which makes this achievable - for each size of business. With a complete range of automation solutions, farmers have total insight into their herd, and the animals are cared for automatically on the basis of their individual requirements. This means that the farmer only needs to devote attention to animals that really need it; a reduction of the work load which goes hand in hand with efficiency improvement andthe welfare of the animal.

Nedap solutions for  Dairy Farming:

All applications can be controlled stand-alone, while combinations of various applications and exchanging data with external systems are no problem either. The modular structure of Nedap technology ensures that the system can be easily adjusted and expanded; it grows along seamlessly with all possible requirements and any size of business operation.

Nedap Dairy


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For more than 30 years Nedap has developed and produced automation processes for livestock farming which are sold worldwide.



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