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Nedap Heat Detection: the benefits  

#1   Heat detection  24/7

Approximately 60% of cows show signs of heat during the night. There is a high risk of missing these heats, or being unable to respond in time. With Nedap RealTime Heat Detection you can detect heat 24/7 in the entire barn, and therefore take advantage of the optimal moment for insemination. All animals in heat are visible to you, always.


#2  Central reading

The system detects heat from a large distance; up to at least 50 metres around the antenna. This is also a substantial benefit for livestock farmers who use a milking robot. All animals in heat are visible to you, always.  


#3  Timely detection of any health issues

In addition to detecting heat, Nedap RealTime Heat Detection also enables you to detect reduced activity (leg version only). This means that you can identify any health issues at an early stage and are able to take adequate measures. And this quickly results in long-term improved profitability.


#4  Available in leg and neck tag versions

Nedap RealTime Heat Detection is available in a leg and neck tag version. You choose which version suits your farm best. The leg and the neck tag have both been designed for long-term use and are easy to attach. Moreover, they both ensure the most reliable heat detection and a quick ROI.  

#5  Optional (ISO)  identification for management applications  

Tags for the Nedap Heat Detection RealTime system can also optionally be used in combination with Nedap Identification Technology (ISO). This enables identification for management applications such as feeding, separating and milk yield recording to be incorporated into the system.


#6    Achieves increased effectiveness and profit in an easy manner

Nedap RealTime Heat Detection offers by far the most reliable solution for predicting the optimal insemination moment for each cow. You can simply follow the progress of the cow 's heat via your PC, but this heat technology can also be connected to smartphones and tablets. All information can be accessed at any time and from any location. The result is improved insemination results, more pregnancies, shorter calving intervals and reduced insemination costs, all achieved with a lower labour input. By detecting reduced activity (leg version only) you identify any health issues in your cows at an early stage and can take adequate measures. And this quickly results in long-term improved profitability.


#7  Nedap: innovative and reliable

An increasing number of dairy farmers opt for Nedap technology based on electronic individual animal identification. Nedap technology is "˜state of the art ' and is always functional. For years, without you having to worry about it. Powering this technology is a strong, international business, which provides technological solutions for relevant themes. Sufficient food for a growing population, clean drinking water all over the world and smart networks for sustainable energy are just a few examples of activities that Nedap is actively involved in.

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