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Nedap Heat Detection with Health Monitoring

Smart technology to improve reproduction results and fertility management.

Attention to individual level is the key to optimal performance from your animals. Nedaps smart heat detection technology makes it possible to automatically monitor and track the heat signals of every individual cow. No matter the size of the herd. It catches cows on natural heat and makes it possible to inseminate them at the right time. With this proven technology, Nedap catches the heats of milions and milions of cows worldwide for decades. It allows farm managers and staff to improve fertility results drastically and make their fertility management more efficient and effective. This way it improves production, saves time and increases profit.


The benefits

  • Most accurate heat detection 24/7
  • Insight in / display of duration of heats and optimal insemination moment
  • Better inseminating results
  • Reduced insemination costs
  • Shorter calving interval
  • Improved pegnancy rates
  • Higher milk yield
  • Save time
  • Management software integration

24/7 fertility management

The Smarttag monitors the cow 24/7 and detects heat signals during the cows heat cycle. For example:

The farm manager and/or staff has access to the breeding status of the animals anytime, anywhere and on any device. The system alerts automatically in case of heat and displays the optimum insemination time.  


Always combined with Health Monitoring

Heat, Health, Happiness

Nedap always combines Heat Detection with Health Monitoring. The combination ensures that the technology sees far more than the expert eye. Monitoring of eating, rumination, activity, standing, lying, inactive and other behavior leads to early detection of health issues and better treatment. This solution can furthermore be complemented with Cow Positioning, to have all the advantages of the most complete all-in-one solution available.


Smarttag Neck or Leg

Find out which Smarttag suits your needs and organization best.


Smarttag Neck 

Smarttag Neck 

Smarttag Leg 

Cow Positioning
RealTime Heat Detection
Health Monitoring 
     Eating Monitoring
    Rumination Monitoring
    Inactive behavior
    Other behavior
ISO Identification

Detailed information

RealTime Heat Detection
Health Monitoring 
Eating monitoring
ISO Identification

Detailed information

RealTime Heat Detection
Health Monitoring 
    Standing and Lying Monitoring
ISO Identification

Detailed information

















About us


For more than 30 years Nedap has developed and produced automation processes for livestock farming which are sold worldwide.



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