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Nedap Heat Detection with Standing and Lying Monitoring

via the Smarttag Leg

Nedap Heat Detection with Standing and Lying Monitoring gives you the well-known, accurate Nedap Heat Detection in RealTime: 24/7 in a radius of about 500-1,000 m, depending on local circumstances.   Heat Detection and Standing and Lying Monitoring
are made possible with the Nedap Smarttag Leg

A cow has a daily behaviour pattern like:

"¢ The time a cow spends standing still per day
"¢ The time a cow spends lying per day
"¢ The time a cow spends walking per day
"¢ The number of times a cow stands up per day
"¢ The number of steps a cow takes per day
- de tijd dat een koe per dag ligt

The Smarttag Leg measuers these differents behaviours of the cow with the Smarttag Leg.

Changes in one of these behavioural aspects indicate that there may be something wrong with the animal and that she needs further attention.

Functionality of Nedap Smarttag Leg:

01. Heat Detection RealTime

Nedap Smarttag Leg accurately identifies leg movements that indicate that a cow is in heat. Day and night. The data is available in RealTime via long range data transfer: up to 75 m with the antenna inside the barn, or about 500-1,000 m " depending
on local circumstances " with the Long Range antenna in the pasture.

Tochtdetectie met Nedap Smarttag Poot


02. Standing and Lying Monitoring

A cow shows the same pattern of behaviour and movements every day. Standing and Lying Monitoring tracks five different aspects of this pattern: walking, standing and lying time, the number of times the animal stands up and the number of steps she takes
per day. The system accurately tracks all these behavioural aspects 24/7 and issues an alert if there are any changes from the average of the past few days, such as a sudden drop in the number of steps, more time spent standing doing nothing, or standing
up less often. This could be a signal that there is something wrong with the cow concerned. Regular monitoring enables you to intervene promptly in potential health problems or risks, preventing any reduction in milk production and avoiding possible
treatment and mortality costs. It also enables you to keep an extra close eye on your animals during the vulnerable period around calving, when they are more susceptible to diseases due to changes in their environment, feed, energy balance and stress.
Standing and Lying Monitoring measures these behavioural aspects based on certain leg movements. That is also why this functionality is only available via Nedap Smarttag Leg

Sta-lig Monitoring

03. Optional: ISO Identification

A reliable, high-performance solution for   identification in management applications such   as milking, feeding and separating. Optimum identification that always works " even when the battery is flat.

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