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Cow health

what are the signals of a healty dairy cow?

  • The cow is alert and active: she does what she wants to do and is aware of her surroundings.   Her eyes and ears are attentive and she is curious about noise and other stimuli.  
  • She has a glossy, smooth, clean coat without any blemishes. Cows that don 't feel well soon lose the shine of their coats and their hair may stand on end.
  • The cow has a good appetite and drinks well. Food intake is evident from the rumen and abdominal fill. Nedap Smarttag Neck records the time each day an animal takes roughage or grazes. Changes in this eating behavior tell you that there may be something wrong with the animal. If food intake is poor for a long period of time then te cow will lose a lot of weight.   When a cow is not drinking enough or losing excessive fluid, the eyes become sunken and the skin becomes tight.  
  • She walks and stands without any sign of pain or discomfort. When in pain, or lame, a cow arches her back. Nedap Smarttag Leg gives an attention if the number of steps drops significantly compared to the average figure from the preceding days. With the Nedap Smarttag Leg you have an extra eye for the detection of pain or lameness.  
    (Source: Cowsignals - Roodbont)  

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For more than 30 years Nedap has developed and produced automation processes for livestock farming which are sold worldwide.

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