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"Thanks to the solid Nedap Panel Readers we can now effortlessly register the hoof condition "

Palle Fjord Tomsen (35) of KVK Hydra Klov (DK) was looking for a sturdy panel reader at a good price. The Danish company wished to add identification to the hoof trimming chutes which they sell all over the world.


Hoof condition

Fjord Thomsen: "The modern loose housing barns mean that the hooves are relatively subjected to quite a bit of wear. In Denmark it is compulsory to register the hoof condition of the cows in RYK; the central database for livestock registration and milk recording. Automated data collection makes the work load much lighter for hoof trimmers. "



Since 2012 all cows in Denmark have been provided with an electronic label. "When we started searching for a panel reader, we soon found Nedap. The Nedap products for electronic identification fully conform to the requirements of the RYK database. They are strong and affordable. Daily cleaning with the high pressure hose is not a problem at all. The Nedap Panel Readers are definitely a good selling point for our marketing ", is the opinion of Fjord Thomsen.  

Making the work easier

Hoof trimmer Finn Bjerregaard (46) treats approximately 400 - 500 cows per week with an advanced cattle trimming chute. Thanks to the panel reader, manually entering cow codes is now a thing of the past. "When the light flashes blue the cow is registered. It makes my work much easier and it also benefits my customers ", Bjerregaard states. The latter is confirmed by dairy farmer Kent Davidsen (475 dairy cows). "It makes it easier to check whether there is a hoof problem and you can take immediate action if needed. " Just like the other livestock farmers, Davidsen has online access to the RYK database.


Registration of the hoof condition has proven its value, also further down the chain. The breeding bulls are also selected on hoof genetics based on the RYK data by breeding company Viking Genetics. Two bulls have already been removed from the company 's breeding programme based on disappointing hoof characteristics.  



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For more than 30 years Nedap has developed and produced automation processes for livestock farming which are sold worldwide.



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