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Nedap for Pig Farming

Pork is the most widely consumed meat in the world. The demand for this source of protein is increasing annually. Nedap provides solutions for the entire pig farming sector. This enables pig farmers to save on their labour costs in the production process, to use feed economically and to ensure that each individual pig performs optimally. By means of electronic individual animal identification which is offered by Nedap in all its solutions, individual care for the pig is now also possible in large groups - a clear response to the demand for improved animal welfare and a great impulse for the image of the sector.

Nedap solutions for Pig Farming:

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Nedap makes individual animal care and monitoring within pig farming possible on the basis of electronic individual animal identification. This applies to every single phase of the production cycle. Pig Performance Testing, which registers growth and feed conversion and enables optimisation of genetics. Farrowing Feeding, which divides the feed intake over the day and adjusts this to the number of suckling piglets. There are special applications for the pregnant sow house, from Electronic Sow Feeding which ensures a good health condition of the individual sow on the basis of the correct feed strategy, Heat Detection and the Sow Separation Station - right up to Sorting of finishing pigs housed within large groups, where the type of feed is adjusted to growth and gender.


Electronic Sow Feeding

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For more than 30 years Nedap has developed and produced automation processes for livestock farming which are sold worldwide.



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