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What is a feeding station?  

In a group housing system with feeding stations, you don 't take the feed to the pigs, the pigs go to the feed by themselves. In the feeding station they can eat exactly the right amount at exactly the right time, easily and safely. This saves you time and energy " and you 'll use the feed more effectively too. And that benefits your bottom line. It also allows the sow complete freedom of movement. Making the feeding station a responsible and highly sustainable form of modern sow farming.  Below you will see examples of the Nedap Electronic Sow Feeding, the feeding station developed by Nedap and already being used very successfully by a great many pig farmers.

Nedap Electronic Sow Feeding - the solution for static groups
Nedap Electronic Sow Feeding offers you the best possible shed concept for stable groups, in which a group of sows covered in the same period are kept together for their entire pregnancy. This makes it easy to monitor and treat the whole group. What 's more, the Nedap ESF system provides the best possible feeding solution for each individual sow in the group.

Click here  for the Nedap Electronic Sow Feeding system stand-alone.    

 Nedap Varkens Voerstation - stabiele groep  

Stabiele groep

Nedap Electronic Sow Feeding - the solution for dynamic groups  
The Nedap Electronic Sow Feeding offers you the perfect solutions for dynamic groups in which individual sows are introduced into the group after insemination and can be separated again at the right time at the end of their pregnancy.
The Nedap ESF provides automatic monitoring and feeding of each individual sow in these groups. So every sow gets the exact amount of attention she needs. But that 's not all: the system also optimises the use of the shed space and feed stations.

 Nedap Varkens Voerstation - dynamische groep  

Plattegrond dynamische groep



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