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Nedap Pig Performance Testing: the system

Feed intake and weight
The system consists of two parts: a feed through with weighing unit for the feed and a separate weighing unit for the pig. The pig-weighing platform can be easily adjusted to the size of the pig. The system has enough capacity for 15 pigs to feed without any restrictions.

Select earlier " optimise genetics
The collected feed intake and weight data are securely processed within the Nedap Technical Platform for Pig Management and are immediately available to you online. This means that you are quickly provided with insight into the differences in feed intake and growth between individual pigs. You can select earlier, based on reliable data. The ability to continuously optimise the quality of your genetics: that is the great advantage.

Keep a close eye on feed quality
You can also use the system to monitor the quality of the feed, or study the effects of a different feed composition. Nedap has applied its years of experience with automation to pig breeding and Pig Management. In this way we contribute to a healthy and efficient population of pigs.



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